After you have explored different careers and narrowed it down to six choices or less, how should you choose the one to pursue? I suggest you do a combination of investigation and listening to your heart.

Practical Investigation:
Research the careers on the Internet to find out income ranges, working conditions, and the skills and education that is required.

Contact people who work in the career now. Set up informational interviews to learn more about what it is like to work in it – both the good and the bad.

Listen to your Heart. Take some time to relax, get connected and become grounded. Ask your heart about each of the career options you are considering. Start with a question like these:

  • Which of these careers will allow me to reach my potential?
  • Which of these careers would I love doing the most?
  • Which of these careers will allow me to make the biggest difference in the world?
  • I’m ready to do what I came here to do. Which of these careers is the closest match to doing what I am meant to do?
  • Which of these careers will allow me to learn and grow the most?

Think of each career in turn and feel how your body reacts to each option. Does your body feel happy, excited, expansive, tingly? This is a positive response. Does your body feel contracted or tight? This is either a negative response or fear.

Try to pretend you are an objective scientist while doing this exercise. One who thinks “isn’t that interesting?”. Try not to think about the implications of the answer until you are done. If you feel fear during the exercise, breathe deeply and tap on your chest like Tarzan to release the fear.

Meditation is also useful, either silent meditation or guided meditation. Ask yourself one of the above questions before you meditate.

Making a decision of what to do next is difficult. Don’t stay in indecision too long though. It is better to make the wrong decision and learn from it than to not make any decision at all.