When you focus on the job you want, without resistance, the perfect job will show up faster. I have experienced this in many areas of my life. One summer I was on vacation in Oregon. I love visiting farmer’s markets when I am out of town, and was disappointed that my internet search on Tuesday night showed there wouldn’t be one until Saturday. I had a desire (visiting a farmer’s market), but I didn’t have resistance to whether I was successful at finding one or not (it would have been nice, but no big deal if there wasn’t one). I also believed that there would be farmer’s markets around, sometime during the week. On Wednesday, I drove to the Post Office to mail a package to a customer. As I drove, I noticed a farmer’s market about one block before I reached the post office. Yay!  If I had driven to the Post Office on a different day, or headed towards the closer Post Office, I would not have known about that farmer’s market. I followed my impulses and that led me to what I wanted.

That same week I spent a couple of days working on my blog, Facebook business page, and other aspects of my business’s online presence. I received two calls from potential clients on those days. I believe those two people received impulses to contact me because I was focused on attracting new clients, and didn’t have any resistance to receiving more.

One year I found a penny on the ground for five days in a row. I was focused on money during that time. Unfortunately I had some resistance to receiving money, and I didn’t believe that I would find $100 bills on the ground, or even believe I could receive easy money in a more likely way. The pennies were nice, and confirmed that I could attract more of something by focusing on it, but I still needed to do some tweaking.

Focus on the job you want by treating your search for a new job like having a part-time job. Put time into exploring what you want to do, and what you don’t want to do. Dream and visualize yourself in potential jobs. Look for jobs on the internet and in the newspaper. Talk to your friends, family and acquaintances about what you are looking for.  Post about it online. Submit resumes. Research companies. Meet new people and learn about their jobs and the companies they work for. Take a course that relates to the field you are in.

Reduce the resistance by keeping it positive. Talk to people (and yourself) about your successes more than you talk about your frustrations. Tell them about a job opportunity you saw that looks great, or a contact who mentioned a job possibility. If someone you know pokes a hole in your balloon, either ask them not to be negative or don’t talk to them about your job search.  When you are on your own or talking with friends, try out sentences like, “wouldn’t it be nice if I met someone at this party who knows someone who works at that company I’ve always wanted to work for”. Or, “wouldn’t it be nice if I met someone next week that was ready to hire me on the spot without going through a long process?” Consider meeting with a career coach on a regular basis to keep your passion and confidence up during your search.