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Intuitive Career and Business Coach for People Ready for Change

Would you like more:

  • joy…change your job to one you look forward to everyday
  • freedom…flexible job or start your own business
  • income…enough for your needs and wants
  • flexibility & balance…design a life you love

Do you feel like something is missing? Like you should be doing something else to make a difference? Do you want to stay in your career, but regain your passion and grow your confidence? Or is it time for a career change, but you don’t know what to do next?

I help people with clarity, focus and motivation for their life and work.

As a business coach I will work with you to:

  • identify short and long-term goals, and the steps needed to make them a reality
  • create a marketing strategy that fits your business and your budget
  • help you change directions to improve the financial health of your business
  • provide a fresh viewpoint on your challenges, and creative solutions
  • increase your confidence and self-esteem, while removing your barriers to success

As a career and business coach I will work with you to:

  • choose a career where you love your work
  • match your dreams and personality to a job that fits the life you want to lead
  • learn whether you prefer to be an employee or self-employed
  • start or grow a business
  • determine whether you should go to school, and what courses to take
  • revise your resume and covering letter

As an intuitive life coach I will work with you to:

  • create a life where there is time for everything that is important to you
  • get past your fears and self-doubt so you can do the things you would like to do
  • say no when you should and get rid of the things and people that are draining your energy
  • create a life with a healthy body, loving relationships, abundant income and joy
  • help you keep moving forward

Have you been meaning to make a change for awhile but postponed because you felt overwhelmed or felt paralyzed by indecision? Would you like to have some time just for you each week to keep you on track? I will motivate you to make the changes.

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You have it within you to reach your potential. Let me help you get there faster!


Brenda is a caring, intuitive person who can help you improve in many aspects of your life. I had come to her because I was struggling in my corporate sales job. We setup a schedule to meet weekly and started the process of being “coached”. As our coaching sessions progressed , I noticed that my sales had started to increase. By the end of the year my sales had doubled from previous years! I am very thankful to Brenda for helping me to discover my true self and utilize my strengths in the workplace. I can recommend Brenda to anyone who is looking to improve their performance in their workplace, business or relationship. Amit Garg

If you want someone who can help you find your purpose, get back on track, find motivation, do more than you think you are capable of doing – think of Brenda. She does it with love and compassion and goes beyond “the session”. She does way more to motive you, to kick you, to keep you going when you need it the most. She becomes someone you can fully trust and rely on. Someone who is always going to encourage you with new ideas and solutions. She has tools to help you look deep inside and do it from your heart. She is a true gem and I’m blessed to have her in my life! Biljana Vasiljevic

As an architectural designer with my own business for the past five years, I have challenges focusing on the critical business tasks necessary for success. Brenda has the very unique ability to find solutions to the blocks that hold me back from achieving my goals. Brenda is able to solve these issues very quickly with minimal effort. At times, it seems, she is able to read my mind with the manner in which she poses questions, and in the way she delves into my thought processes and past events. As a result, I’m better able to focus on the tasks that are most important to my business success and I’m able to more easily complete them. Dana Ball

Brenda helped me get focus and clarity on the action steps I need to face my challenges. I go away from each session with a renewed sense of purpose. I feel more empowered and more confident. As a result, I am now starting a new job in the area that I am suited for. She has truly helped me transition. Margot