If you are applying for jobs and you aren’t getting contacted for an interview, there is either something wrong with your resume or your reputation (through social media or other sources).  Your resume and reputation are the only things that differentiate you from the people who are getting the interviews.  It’s not you, it is how you are presenting yourself.

Here are eight possible problems with your resume:

  1. Your resume has mistakes in spelling, grammar, or formatting.
  2. You didn’t present your accomplishments in a confident, yet honest way on your resume.
  3. Your resume or cover letter is not tailored to the job you applied for.
  4. You are applying for jobs that you don’t appear to be qualified for, or there are several applicants who are much more qualified than you are.
  5. You are overqualified for the job you are applying for, and they think you will leave after they have invested time and money in training you.
  6. You have large unexplained gaps of time in your work history.  The person reviewing your resume may wonder why you weren’t able to get a job during that time.
  7. They already have someone in mind and are going through the motions by posting the job, but they aren’t going to interview more than a couple of people.
  8. You didn’t include something in your application that they asked you to include, such as whether you have certain skills, or whether you are willing to do something.

How do you get an interview? Fix all of the above mistakes. Ask someone to look over your resume. If you know a teacher, they may be better than average at noticing spelling and grammatical errors. A friend or relative who runs their own business with employees, or one who works in the human resources department of a large company, is a good resource for the content of the resume and cover letter.

Ask for help! Very few people are skilled at writing good resumes on their own. It is a skill that you can learn, or you can hire someone to revise your resume for you. Don’t let it stop you from believing that you can get an interview for a job you know is right for you.