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Why Release Blocked or Trapped Emotions?

Do you believe you could and should be earning more? Do you self-sabotage? Or have subconscious beliefs of “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve…”?

Are you stuck with baggage from previous relationships or a divorce that is affecting your life now?

Do you react with fear, anger or anxiety and wish you didn’t?

What if you have emotions from the past stuck in your body from when you were overwhelmed, or in a situation where it wasn’t socially acceptable to show the emotions you were feeling? Maybe you didn’t have the ability to feel and release the emotion you were feeling, so you pushed it down into your body. Perhaps you fought back tears while in a work situation, or around friends or family that would have been critical instead of supportive. Was there a time when you felt fear when dealing with a bully but you hid it? Or you felt a tightness in your throat when emotion was swelling up, but you didn’t want to show those emotions to other people? A traumatic situation such as a car accident, physical abuse, or learning your parents were separating can be difficult to process at the time that it is happening. Unprocessed emotions can be triggered by someone “pushing your buttons”, which often results in over-reacting to the situation rather than dealing with it calmly.

I believe that everyone has emotional blocks stuck in their body, and that the fewer blocks we have, the easier it is to be calm in the face of stressful situations, or happy and aware of the positive aspects of life. Letting go of your emotional baggage can provide you with relief from anxiety, self-doubt and indecision. Clearing stuck emotions has made a significant positive difference for me in my personal life and work, and also improved my clients’ lives.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a way of quickly releasing emotions so that you can feel better. By identifying and letting go of the emotions that you felt in the past but didn’t let go of, you will be able to create a new future without being chained to the emotional baggage. After I connect with my clients, I identify emotions such as frustration or abandonment that are ready to be released. I often tell my client how old they were when they trapped the emotion. Then I have the client breathe it out with intention. If my client wants to share a few words about that time in their life they can, but we don’t discuss the past like you would in a counselling session. During a one hour session we will release 10-35+ emotions.

 “At first I was skeptical and unsure if I was going to see any real benefits from this. From the very first session I began to notice that there were small changes occurring in me, in my everyday life and in my thought processes. Positive changes in how I was filtering things that may ordinarily trigger me or I may have in the past misinterpreted. Every session we do continues to bring about more positive changes and more awareness! I am experiencing changes in both my physical and emotional wellness. I am gaining more self-confidence and a sense of who I really am!” Tara Deacon

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Let go of your emotional baggage

What Would You Like to Change?

Less of this:

  • let go of the emotional baggage from past relationships
  • stop feeling “not good enough”
  • release shame and guilt
  • stop procrastinating
  • cut back on using food, alcohol or cigarettes to make you feel better
  • let go of self-sabotage
  • silence the voice in your head that criticizes you
  • release emotional and physical pain

More of this:

  • improve your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improve your intuition
  • increase the flow of chi/Qi/prana in your body
  • increase your income and success in your work or business
  • know that you deserve the life that you desire
  • raise your vibration or consciousness

“My experience was AMAZING. Emotion Code session one was way beyond what I could’ve hoped for. I felt very comfortable with Brenda. Her energy was light and very open. I felt very excited to be free of traumatizing experiences. I found a real sense of freedom and acceptance. Her intuition is off the charts. I highly recommending spending as much time as you can with her. You will never be the same.” Barbara Parker

What is Body Code?

Body Code includes all the elements of the Emotion Code, but allows us to target specific physical, emotional or energetic issues. The Body Code book by Dr. Brad Nelson was released in Feb 2023, and there are YouTube videos demonstrating the process, though my process may vary from other practitioners.

I often start with an assessment and ask your subconscious/body what the highest priorities are, then ask you to choose where you’d like to start.

I have combined the Body Code with career coaching, life coaching, decluttering, and space clearing when requested by my clients.

in HRWho is Brenda Kerr?

I am a woman who has struggled with self-confidence issues, “not good enough”, money issues and psychic attacks. I decided as a young child that I would never get divorced like my parents did, yet found myself making the very difficult decision to end my marriage after a 28 year relationship. I’ve struggled with limiting beliefs in my subconscious driving my behaviour. I’m a mom, which is rewarding and yet has been challenging at times.

My life started getting interesting when my desire for individualized advice for what and how to eat led me to a man using a pendulum who told me what foods I was intolerant to and the condition of my organs. I was skeptical but decided to follow his advice to see what happened. I became healthier, with more energy, and some of my health issues faded away. I began to develop my intuition through meditation, intention and a clean diet. Many years later I can now do what he did, plus much more. I’ve removed most of my self-imposed limitations, created through my childhood environment, bad conclusions as a teen/adult, and passed down from my parents. I’ve learned that I am an empath, one who feels and absorbs the emotions of people around me, and how to use that as a tool rather than have it drain my energy.

I have a business degree in HR from UBC, and have had training from dowsers and intuitive teachers from both Canada and the US.

I love helping people. I am continually learning so that I can help myself and my clients be happier and healthier. I have used many tools to help myself and my clients achieve their goals: 

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping
  • BSFF (Be Set Free Fast)
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • Byron Katie’s The Work
  • Guided Visualization
  • Body-Centred Coaching
  • meditation, sound healing, tai chi, qi gong

The Emotion Code/Body Code is the tool that I am using the most, because it clears out past emotional baggage and imbalances quickly and thoroughly. Each session removes another layer. I use it everyday to help myself, my family and my clients.

I live in Surrey, about an hour away from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I work with clients both locally and around the world.

Read reviews from past clients on my FaceBook page.

Set up an Appointment

Starting Spring 2023 I am accepting in-person appointments. The majority of my clients connect via video (Zoom), but some choose telephone, FaceTime, email or in person. The initial appointment will be for sixty minutes, and follow-up appointments will be sixty minutes long. The next session should be at least three days later to allow the body time to process the changes.

For new clients the first session is only $95 so that you can experience this type of intuitive energy healing/coaching and we can see if we are a good match to work together.

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Reduced Fee Intro Session

  • first 60 min appointment is only $95
  • use Zoom, FaceTime, phone or email
  • limited time offer
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  • Additional sessions:
  • $125 for one 60 min. session
  • $550 for five 60 min. sessions

Payments are processed using Square. If you’d prefer you can pay via etransfer, PayPal or by credit card over the phone. GST is added for Canadian residents.