About Brenda

I don’t think we should ever stop learning or trying to improve ourselves.  When I’m feeling stuck I reach out to friends, family and mentors to help me.  For over fifteen years I have helped people who were stuck or progressing slower towards their goals than they would like.  I have always liked helping people figure out how they can get what they want out of life.

Read about my education and experience below and why I became a coach to help you decide if I’m the kind of person you’d like to work and learn with. I changed careers to become a coach because I wanted to reach my potential and I wanted to help others do the same. I’ve had stress and challenges in my health, work, finances, and relationships and have come to a place where I am happy, although I am still continuing to work towards joy and freedom.


I obtained a business degree from UBC in 1990 with a major in Human Resources. I was trained in coaching techniques by Coach U in 2004 by some very experienced and amazing coaches. I have attended workshops on life purpose, nutrition, quantum physics, manifesting, Radical Forgiveness, clearing, vision boards, manifesting and many more. Some of my teachers include Dr. Joseph Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Teresa Clarke, Adam McLeod, Ellie Drew, Marlena Field and Donna Eden. I became certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner in 2020. My learning also includes internet marketing and website design. I continue to learn through workshops, teleclasses, books, people I meet, my clients, and my experiences.


I have been coaching professionally since 2004. I have coached hundreds of clients, with most hiring me for 3-6 months initially and some continuing for over a year.

I have experience as an investigator, Human Resources assistant, interviewer, trainer, supervisor, insurance adjuster and salesperson. I’ve had jobs with the government, small private companies, and large private companies. I’ve owned three businesses. In 2001 I left my stressful job to find a career that would use all my skills and interests and allow me to spend more time with my two young daughters. I became a coach because I am passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives.


Through my career as an investigator I developed the ability to ask perceptive questions and listen carefully for what is said and not said. I love challenges and problem-solving, looking at the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces. I am a researcher with many resources (people, books, internet sites) and a thirst for learning. I can often guess someone’s Myers Briggs personality type (MBTI) after listening to them talk about themselves for a short time. I have been developing my intuitive abilities for the past fifteen years, and use them to help people choose the best path from the options available to them now.


I have an avid interest in learning how the Universe works – those unseen things like coincidences, continually attracting the same kind of person into your life, and making what you want to happen effortlessly. I also enjoy walking in the forest, traveling, and going to movies and restaurants. I love Sci Fi, detective shows, rom coms, and home improvement shows like Love it or List it and the Property Brothers. My favourite movies are The Matrix, Avatar, Mystic Pizza, and The Great Escape. I read books on topics ranging from listening with the heart to vibrational energy. I have a second business where I help people declutter and organize their home (BodyMindSoulOrganizing.ca).


I have two beautiful, intelligent, caring and independent daughters (perhaps I’m a little biased) and life with a wonderful man that I love. I have experience balancing time with family while working full-time, part-time and as a stay-at-home mom. I strive to balance time for me, time for work, and time with my family.


After my second pregnancy I changed the way I ate for health reasons. As a result I had more energy and needed less sleep. I changed my kids’ diets when they developed health problems, and saw their health and behaviour improve. I believe in gathering information from traditional and alternative medical sources then making changes to the basics first to see if that is enough. I talk more about my health interests on my health blog.