Career Coaching

Your job should feel like play, not work. You should be challenged and regularly learning new skills. Although some days may be stressful, you should also have days where you feel good about what you accomplished.

Is it time to change careers?

  • Do you wake up in the morning wishing you didn’t have to go into work?
  • Do you find yourself working long hours, wondering what you’re missing?
  • Does your work deplete you rather than energize you?
  • Do you wish you were working in a job where you could be more creative, or more independent?
  • Do you want to change jobs to one that is a better fit now that you are a parent, or separated from your spouse, or your kids are older?
  • Do you want a job where you are helping people?
  • Do you feel there is something else you should be doing, but you’re afraid to make the leap or uncertain about how to do it?

Do you want to be doing the same thing you’re doing five years from now?

You don’t have to wait until you’ve won the lottery. You have options now. Give yourself the opportunity to dream and let me help you find a way to live your dream.

I help you match your dreams and personality to a job that fits the life you want to lead. Do you want a job close to home? Time for your personal and family life? One where you are making a difference in people’s lives? Together we will explore the what, how & when. I’ll brainstorm with you, provide you with resources, and help you to use your intuition and be open to the possibilities around you. I’ll help you get past the fears and beliefs that stand in your way.

Get started on your new life today!