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My name is Brenda. I am a career and business coach in the Clayton area of Surrey. I meet with clients in my home office as well as coaching people over the phone or Internet.

Would you like one-on-one in-person help with:

  • Decide which career to switch to
  • Become self-employed
  • Get more clients on a tight budget
  • Stop repeating patterns
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Let go of fear/shame/sadness
  • Stop feeling “not good enough”

Some of the challenges I have dealt with in my own life:

  • What job to do that would work with regular daycare pickup hours
  • Changing to new employers, new career; supervising former co-workers
  • How to build my business while still giving my young kids attention
  • How to avoid spending all my earnings on babysitters while I worked in the evening
  • How to start my own business without savings
  • Fear of success. Fear of failure. Am I good enough? Will they like me? I had many limiting beliefs about myself and money that got in the way of my success. I have learned several methods to remove those.
  • Meeting new people. Trying new things. Frustration. Failing. Succeeding.
  • Family members using alcohol or marijuana to cope with life; addiction
  • Family members with depression and/or anxiety
  • The emotional challenges of a marriage ending, moving, dating again
  • Many situations that pushed my buttons, as an employee, a self-employed person, a mother, a wife, a daughter. I have removed most of those buttons/triggers using techniques that I have learned and practiced. I continue to grow and learn.
  • Learning to build a website and then learning how to build it a new way once technologies and trends changed (this website is on its fourth major revision)
  • Learning how to advertise on or with Google, FaceBook, Yelp, Pinterest; through networking, email newsletters, blog posts, newspaper ads, posters, and many more other ways

Work without driving in traffic and long commutes

My clients that want a career change tell me that they want jobs on this side of the river that don’t involve driving over bridges or through the tunnel. My clients who have service businesses want more customers that live close to them so that they can drive less and spend more time doing what they love to do.

When I first moved to the Cloverdale area of Surrey, I was commuting into Vancouver. The daily drive in rush hour traffic was draining. Luckily I was able to get a job in Newton a month later. We bought a second car because it took well over an hour to take the bus to work but only ten minutes to drive. Now it would take 15-20 minutes to drive the same route because of the population increase in this area, but at least there are more bus routes and more frequent buses.

Is it time for you to make some changes so that you are driving less and enjoying your work more?

Let’s meet in Surrey and discuss how I can help

My home office is at 7291 188 St, Surrey. I’m walking distance from Clayton high school, a ten minute drive from downtown Cloverdale or Langley, 20-30 minutes from South Surrey/White Rock, 10-20 minutes from Willoughby/Walnut Grove, 15 minutes from the Guildford/Newton area, and 30-40 minutes from Abbotsford. I’m an easy one block walk away from a bus stop. Please make an appointment before coming over. After booking an appointment on my calendar please email/text/phone to let me know that you’d prefer to meet in my office instead of talking on the phone.

Brenda Kerr

Brenda Kerr

Business, Career & Life Coach

I love helping people make changes until they love their work and their life. My goal is to make it easier and faster for you to create the life you love.