looking for jobs on the internetWhen you are ready to find a job, one place to do your search is the job postings on the internet.  The following websites list jobs in Vancouver and other places in BC, or across Canada:

  1. workopolis.com
  2. monster.ca
  3. vancouver.craigslist.ca
  4. jobbank.gc.ca
  5. bcjobs.ca
Companies pay to list their vacancy in Workopolis and Monster, so smaller companies are more likely to list somewhere that is free (or not advertise at all).  Try out different sites to see if they list the kind of jobs you are looking for. Consider looking at more than one site.

Here are some sites that grab job listings from other websites, including company websites and the ones above:

  1. indeed.ca
  2. jobs.ca
  3. wowjobs.ca
If you are looking for a job working for a non-profit company, charity village is a good place to start.

Finding a job that is a good match can be a stressful experience.  If you’d like to relieve some of that stress and get some strategies that will work for you, set up a sample coaching session with Holistic Career Coach Brenda Wallace.